Human Capital

One of the defining features of the ESTRELLA companies is the fact that they are composed of human teams with high technical and professional quality, a source of pride shared by their management, in the knowledge that they are surrounded by excellent team players.

Qualified professionals in the fields of engineering, architecture and administration, together with certified technicians and operators carry out their work in more than 2,500 permanent and 5,000 indirect work posts generated by the business group.

For ESTRELLA, our workers’ individual and collective development is essential, as well as the development of the communities where we work. This is why we encourage their progress by generating stable employment.

Concious of the fact that our human capital is our most valuable asset, training is a constant feature of the institutional agenda. Many of ESTRELLA’s employees receive technical training and qualify at an operational level, which enables them to achieve their personal goals and growth within the organization.

Our commitment to quality, excellence and continuous improvement has become the distinguishing feature of the ESTRELLA companies.

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