ESTRELLA has complemented its quality and experience by entering into partnerships with like-minded companies with proven impeccable international track records to develop large-scale engineering projects.

  • Transeq


    The synergy of the Transeq- ESTRELLA consortium first came to light when it was awarded the contract to repair and pave roadways in La Chorrera, Panama, as part of the “Working for your Neighborhood” state program.

    The Dominican-Panamanian company is also jointly responsible for the design of the aircraft-parking platform at Tocumen International Airport.

    Panamanian Transeq and Dominican ESTRELLA companies, each with several decades of experience in the area of communication route construction, as well as a work ethic based on quality, punctuality and honesty, have joined forces in a consortium to implement projects in Panama.

  • H Solis


    As part of a strategic alliance, the H Solís and ESTRELLA companies joined forces in 2014 for the construction of the northern arc of the San José bypass in Costa Rica.

    The H Solís - ESTRELLA consortium is in charge of designing and constructing the project, which consists of the 5.4km-long stretch between La Uruca and Blancos Street on National Route 39

    ESTRELLA and H Solís share a capacity for developing large-scale roadway infrastructure projects, with a commitment to contributing to the development of the countries where they work and to social responsibility.


    Experience and quality are features that Codelpa and ESTRELLA have in common when it comes to developing their projects, which has led to valuable partnerships between the two companies for constructing exceptional projects.

    Both companies prioritize quality, build trust-based relationships with their customers and work to the highest standards, thus achieving the sustainable development of the communities where they work.

    The ESTRELLA and Codelpa companies have also carried out joint projects at an international level. In Haiti, Concredom played a part in providing concrete for the Best Western Premier Hotel and Acero Estrella supplied the metal structures for the Palm Apparel Group industrial park and the Teja Real roofing for the Gran Bahía Príncipe Saint-Ann hotel.

    At present, the two construction companies are working together on reconstruction projects in Haiti, specifically on the Guy Malary Terminal at the Toussaint Louverture Airport and the headquarters building for the Corps d’Intervention et de Maintien de l’Ordre.



    The relationship between ESTRELLA and HL Ingenieros began with the former’s experience when it contracted the latter for the mechanical assembly of the Cemento PANAM production plant. The companies subsequently decided to pool their experience in order to offer full-service steel erection and electromechanical assembly for the gas treatment system at the Punta Catalina Thermo-electrical Plant.


    Conconcreto's 50 years of experience, especially in the installation of cement works, led to the hiring of the Colombian company for the construction of Cemento PANAM’s cement and clinker warehouse units.

    ESTRELLA and Conconcreto’s similarities in terms of philosophy and work spirit, their origins as family businesses, their international vision, diversification and impeccable track record, as well as the Dominican business group’s technology and production capacity, has turned the relationship between multinationals into a partnership for developing work projects in the Dominican Republic.

    ESTRELLA and Conconcreto propose to jointly execute work projects, making the most of the way in which both business groups complement each other.

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