ESTRELLA’s growth has been accompanied by a business diversification strategy, and as a result it is now engaged in a range of major projects as a shareholder. This vision of diversification reflects our faith in the Dominican Republic, which encourages us to continue to focus on the progress of our land and its people by investing and developing businesses that contribute to its development.

  • AES Dominicana

    A subsidiary company of the United States-based AES Corporation, the AES Dominicana group started operations in the Dominican Republic in 1997, becoming the main investor and pillar of the Caribbean country’s energy sector and currently supplying around 37% of all of the power that is injected into the national grid (SENI).
  • Cibao Fútbol Club

    A soccer team representing the province of Santiago in the Dominican Football League with its home stadium headquartered at the PUCMM University, Cibao FC is the brainchild of a group of investors whose dream was for the Northern region to have a team based on the values of respect, camaraderie, equality, motivation, autonomy and effort. This philosophy is shared by the Fundación Armid, which is in charge of training the pool of talent, and is the only institution that the Real Madrid Foundation has authorized to develop academies in the Dominican Republic in the same spirit and ideology as the Spanish capital city’s professional team.

  • Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago -HOMS-

    The first and largest digital hospital in the Dominican Republic in terms of administrative as well as medical operation. With a construction area of over 42,000 m², HOMS is the first hospital to have electronic medical records, placing it at the same level as the world’s most advanced medical centers.
  • Multimedios del Caribe

    A group of Dominican media outlets including printed press, television, radio, digital media, commercial printers and datacenters. It owns the emblematic El Caribe newspaper with over 60 years of history and currently associated with Spanish newspaper El País, as well as the CDN and CDN-Sports Max television stations, the CDN 92.5FM and CDN 1040 and 1130 AM radio stations, OGM Datacenter, with the most complete newspaper archive in the Dominican Republic.
  • Aeropuerto Internacional del Cibao

    The main international airport in the North region, which has linked this area to destinations including New York, Puerto Rico, Miami, Panama, and the Turks & Caicos islands. It currently transports more than one million passengers a year and about 30 million pounds of cargo, 70% is agricultural products.
  • Ferretería Ochoa – Ochoa Hardware

    The largest network of hardware stores in the Dominican Republic, with more than 40 years in the market. It has a MASA block plant that produces over 200,000 blocks a day. It is the country’s leading importer of pine and hardwood. All this and the largest covered warehouse in the country give it the capacity to lead the market and satisfy construction needs through its four stores.

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