Laminados Estrella

Laminados ESTRELLA is a range of ESTRELLA products for roofs, mezzanines, interior partitions and exterior enclosures for residential, commercial or industrial installations. It includes 24-hour delivery service and sheets may be cut to measure according to each customer’s individual needs.

The range of cold formed steel products manufactured by North West Industries with the ESTRELLA seal of quality, combine attractive colors and styles in their brands: Aluzinc ESTRELLA, Teja Real, Metaldeck, Correas Z&C and Alucal.

Solutions for roofs


Aluzinc ESTRELLA sheets are versatile, lightweight and durable for construction, with a range of different shapes and colors. This aluminum and zinc alloy offers an anti-corrosive and protection option as a solution for roofs, interior partitions and exterior enclosures in residential, commercial or industrial installations. They are 36” wide with / 26 and 24 caliber.


A durable and cost-effective roofing option, an aluzinc base ensures that Alucal is corrosion resistant, with the capacity to resist inclement weather conditions up to five times more effectively than zinc.

The sheets are cut to measure according to customer requirements, always endeavoring to keep the number of joins down to a minimum in order to prevent wastage.
Density - 0.25mm.
AZ100 coating
Effective width - 36”

Teja Real

An environmentally friendly and anti-corrosive product, it will beautify roofs thanks to the latest in cold formed technology, and is made from recycled materials. It includes auxiliary drainage that prevents leakages. It makes construction lighter as well as providing more effective earthquake resistance.

Standing Seam

Prevents humidity and water from accumulating on the surface thanks to the metal panels that are sealed with each other, preventing leakage and ensuring a 25-year guarantee. The Standing Seam sheets are 16” wide, 26 and 24 calibers, and the length is adjustable, according to the customer’s needs.

Skylight Panels

Ideal for commercial, industrial and residential use due to their durability, light transmission properties, structural qualities and performance in extreme temperatures. These panels are lighter than glass and 20 times stronger than fiberglass and PVC. They are easy to install and can eliminate 100% of ultraviolet rays, preventing damage to interiors.

Reflective insulation

The aluminum layer in the reflective insulation can reflect up to 97% of the radiation that causes warming inside buildings. Our insulation’s high efficiency level consists of a center with ¼ fiberglass enveloped by two external layers. The first layer is 99% pure aluminum and the second is reinforced white vinyl.

C and Z-type Purlins

Lightweight steel structural elements designed to ASTM A653 standard. Grade: structural. Galvanized: Z275 (G-90). Min Fy: 350 MPA (50 Ksi) using high-resistance, zinc-coated steel.

Density of 1.50 mm and 2.00 mm
Camber of 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, and up to 12”
Allows for overlap to provide continuity
Length and perforations according to customer requirements

Steel deck


Metaldeck is developed as an element that is compatible with metal structures, that allows for optimizing the construction of mezzanines and roofs, using the positive qualities of steel and concrete. It reduces the total cost of the project, it is adaptable to any structural support system and its attractive appearance ensures that it will look good in its own right. ESTRELLA offers this product in both 22 and 20 calibers.

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