Corporate Social Responsibility


This publication summarizes the performance of Ingeniería ESTRELLA, Acero ESTRELLA, CONCREDOM and Cemento PANAM during 2015. The result of our actions will be accompanied by economic and financial data that shows our growth as a group, in addition to the contributions made by Fundación ESTRELLA to increase education and promote Dominican youth entrepreneurship.

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This report represents our second Communication on Progress to the Global Compact of the United Nations. Resume corporate responsibility actions undertaken by Ingeniería ESTRELLA, Acero Estrella, Cemento PANAM and ConcreDom in the period between January and December 2013. Alignment It group is highlighted by the principles of the Covenant.

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The ESTRELLA companies are pleased to present their first joint report on sustainability and social responsibility to the Global Compact of the United Nations. This first Communication on Progress is our submission to the Covenant and groups of local and international interest.

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