Community Support

ESTRELLA believes that a company’s mission should go beyond achieving its production targets and marketing goods and services with the highest quality and safety standards. It should also contribute to the social and economic progress of the surrounding people and communities.

We integrate our work with the environment where we work, to contribute to its development by creating stable jobs and increasing the competitiveness of the workforce through training.

By training the staff hired in the communities where we develop our projects, many of the inhabitants have the opportunity to strengthen their skills, thus obtaining a new source of income and tools for nurturing the growth of their local area.

We also encourage economic activity by acquiring services in the local area.

We boost integrated growth by devising training programs, professional career plans, promotion opportunities and facilities for acquiring school supplies.

In addition, the companies that make up the ESTRELLA group support initiatives linked to health, education, environmental protection and sport. We also carry out improvements and restoration work in religious centers, schools, recreational clubs and others, as they are considered an important part of healthy social development.

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