Fundación ESTRELLA

Founded in 2011 to consolidate ESTRELLA’s commitment to education and to promoting youth entrepreneurship and training at technical and advanced level.

This not-for-profit entity, directed by Mrs. Loly de Estrella, responds to the traditional culture of our companies and our long track record of support for the development of the communities closest to our centers of operation.

The main objectives of the Fundación ESTRELLA are:

  • To promote economic growth in the communities through support for the creation of new sources of income, especially in areas beneficial for small and medium-scale companies, such as tourism, agriculture and crafts.
  • To encourage the creation of micro-businesses, cooperatives and chambers of commerce to offer more employment opportunities in the communities.
  • To support public and private institutions in vocational training and education for workers.
  • To organize events with business owners and traders from all over the country in order to instruct and train new entrepreneurs in seminars, workshops and lectures.
  • To encourage public-private sector alliances for promoting policies that contribute to a more dynamic and competitive workforce.
  • To help access to new technologies and other resources for optimizing the work process. We will pursue the establishment of national and international agreements with governments, universities and technological centers that are dedicated to creating a more advanced environment for the workforce.

Santo Domingo:Ave. Lope de Vega No.35    809.541.8000
Ciudad Juan Bosch    809.475.3009

Santiago: Autopista Duarte Km 13    809.247.3434