Internally Responsible

ESTRELLA and its People

The wellbeing and personal development of our employees and their families are subjects that we are concerned with. At ESTRELLA, we have the vision that we should provide safe working spaces in which health is promoted and the development of our members and dependents is encouraged.

Through the shared responsibility of workers and executives in our companies, we achieve optimal working environments and the reduction of accident risk and occupational diseases.

We provide spaces for exercise and recreation, doctors in each camp, the Don Manuel Estrella Escaño Health Center for employees and the community in Santiago, as well as life insurance.

We promote comprehensive growth by devising training programs, professional career plans, promotion opportunities, and facilities for purchasing school supplies.

Health and Safety at work

ESTRELLA has an Occupational Health policy and a broad-based philosophy aimed at its workforce, especially the employees who are exposed to occupational risks and factors, by prioritizing health and work balance, with the aim of ensuring an improvement in the quality of life at work and productivity.

The ESTRELLA companies establish policies for health promotion and guaranteeing work safety of its collaborators in the line of duty, by striving for:

  • Prevention of Work-related Diseases and Workplace Accidents
  • Preservation of Health
  • Recovery of Health
  • Reincorporation and Rehabilitation for Work

ESTRELLA’s health and safety practices are in keeping with the national regulations and legislation and the international certification standards that accredit the companies.

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