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President Solís visits San José Northern beltway works

Designs and progress of preliminary work met with approval from the President

7th September 2016. San José, Costa Rica. - On Wednesday, 7th September the President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís visited several road-building projects that are being carried out during his term of office, including the Arco Norte (Circunvalación Norte) highway construction works.

During his visit to the construction work underway on this key viaduct, the president was accompanied by members of his government as well as by the Minister of Public Works and Transportation Carlos Villalta, the

The visit provided an opportunity for representatives of the construction group, the ESTRELLA-HSOLIS Consortium, to show the president some of the designs during his tour of the site, as well as to update him on the progress that CONAVI and the Consortium have made in the past few weeks, including the Pile Load Testsand the most recent demolitions of expropriated properties in the areas of Tibás and the Triángulo de la Solidaridad. Roberto Acosta, the president of Constructora HERNÁN SOLÍS, and Manuel Estrella, the president of ESTRELLA’s board of directors were in charge of presenting these advances.

The president expressed his enthusiasm about the works he visited and informed the journalists in attendance that the project would be starting at the end of this year, initially in the month of October.

Work will start on Functional Unit II, which consists of a 130-meter-long bridge and a 32-meter-long bridge with three lanes in each direction. Work on this unit will involve the excavation of 200,000 cubic meters of earth./p>

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