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The community of El Higüerito receives help for keeping the district clean

ConcreDom delivered 20 garbage barrels to be distributed in six areas

Friday, October 21st 2016. - El Higüerito, Moca.– With the aim of keeping the communities in his Municipal District clean and to prevent diseases from affecting his constituents, Mayor Juan Hernández, head of the new administration in El Higüerito recently approached ConcreDom with a request for support.

“We are very grateful to ConcreDom, we are a very poor community and we have had to ask for help from commercial companies that are able to help, and this time, ConcreDom, which is our friend and neighbor, has responded by donating these 20 barrels,” said the mayor, Juan Hernández after receiving the donation.

During the event, Hernández also explained that the barrels would be distributed in six communities: El Higüerito Municipal District (center), Paradero, Tierra Dura, La Guázuma, La Palmita and Bonagua to be used for collecting solid waste in order to keep the community clean, as well as helping prevent disease.

ConcreDom is a cement company based in Santiago, near El Higüerito. “As a member of Grupo ESTRELLA, the company shares the philosophy of contributing to the development and wellbeing of surrounding communities,” stated Paula Tavárez, who represented the company during the handover of the barrels.

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