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Grupo ESTRELLA celebrates World Environment Day by planting trees in Santiago, Montecristi and San Pedro de Macorís

Ingeniería Estrella and Cemento PANAM win awards for environmental sustainability and management

June 8th 2017_Santiago, Dominican Republic.-Members and associates of the ESTRELLA group of companies took part in a series of tree planting days in celebration of World Environment Day. They planted more than one thousand saplings including eight endemic species across all of these areas.

United Nations World Environment Day Day has been celebrated on June 5th every year since 1972, and this year’s slogan was “Connecting People to Nature.”

Areas and species planted

The endemic species planted included West Indian mahogany, fiddlewood, flamboyant, Santa Maria and bamboo, as well as sea grape, acacia and cedar.

More than 250 trees were planted along the perimeter of North West Industries, the Laminados Estrella factory in Montecristi, and 160 were planted around the softball pitch at the company’s Santiago headquarters. The series of events closed with Environmental Protection and Monitoring Center 600 saplings being planted at the Laguna de San José in the municipality of San José de los Llanos, near the Cemento PANAM factory in San Pedro de Macorís province.

A commitment to sustainability

The company’s Environmental Manager, Carlos Rodríguez, encouraged the volunteers who took part in the planting, saying: “This is a call to all of us to spend time with our families, to make the most of natural resources, to visit the beaches, the rivers (…); but not just to enjoy them recreationally, but alsoto reflect on whether we are looking after them; that is the aim of the slogan.””.

Manuel Genao, executive president of the ESTRELLA group of companies,stressed the importance of this celebration for the institutions he represents,highlighting the fact that environmental issues, together with health and education, were the focus of the group’s social responsibility policy.

“This day that has been designated by the United Nations to raise our awareness of environmental issues is aimed at encouraging us to take a moment to stop and think and find ways of ensuring the future is more beneficial and positive, for ourselves as well as for our children,” stated Genao.

The executive president also made a point of mentioning Ingeniería Estrella, Acero Estrella North West Industries, Cemento PANAM and ConcreDom’s environmental certifications and guarantees.

The examples that engineer Genao mentioned included the specific case of Acero Estrella: “Those of us who have been here longest will remember how we used to clean the steel by sandblasting it. This created a lot of dust. We made major investments and moved to using shot blasting cabinets, which are controlled environments that don’t generate emissions. In the area of painting, about 15 years ago we were painting out in the open air. We now have controlled cabinets that ensure that these emissions are minimized.”

Another example that Manuel used to demonstrate the companies’ eco-friendly practices was the case of Haiti, describing how the installation of a Batch Plant for pouring cement, or a concrete plant, was accompanied by a group of people planting trees in the surrounding area to ensure that the environment is positive and sustainable for everyone.

Environmental Sustainability and Management Prizet

As part of environment week, the Medio Ambiente e Industria Rodríguez, SRL (MIRSA) company presented awards to several companies in the shape of the Environmental Sustainability and Management Prizes. They selected companies that stand out for creating the ideal conditions for implementing processes that promote the sustainable development of their organizations through appropriate environmental conservation and management.

Cemento Panam, a member of the Dominican Mining Consortium, won the bronze award in the General Manufacturing category. Ingeniería ESTRELLA also won bronze, in the Services category.

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