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Minister praises Cemento PANAM’s clean energy use

Engineer Manuel Estrella reiterates his companies’ ecological commitment

16th October 2016.- San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic.- In order to obtain a detailed overview of the technological features of the Cemento Panam industrial plant, the only cement factory in the country that runs on “green energy,” the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Mr. Francisco Domínguez Brito, made a visit to this industrial complex last Friday.

The senior government official’s tour of the installations included the industrial plant as well as the extensive biomass production forestry project developed by the company to fuel its ovens, accompanied by deputy environmental minister Ángel Danerys Santana, and engineer Ernesto Reyna, director of the National Council for Climate Change.

Throughout their visit the delegation was accompanied by engineer Manuel Estrella, president of the board of Grupo Estrella, and executives from the industrial complex, located in Villa Gautier, in the municipality of San José de los Llanos, in the province of San Pedro de Macorís.

After receiving detailed answers to all of their questions about the environmental standards that the company applies, Domínguez Brito congratulated Cemento Panam for its fulfillment of the protective regulations that his ministry promotes, in complete compliance with Law 64-00, and stated that this was a model of corporate responsibility that shows that industrial activity can be compatible with environmental protection.

As well as the two phases of the industrial installations, the high-ranking official’s visit also took in the surrounding reforested area, comprising some 10,000 tareas (1 tarea = 628.86m2) of high-quality biomass-producing tree species, as well as the multi-use water treatment plant.

The minister also took part in a tree-planting project, a once-weekly activity for the company’s employees, coordinated by their Environmental Department.

During the two-hour tour of the installations, engineer Estrella reiterated Cemento Panam’s strong commitment to environmental protection, and told Domínguez Brito that this is in keeping with the philosophy that guides all the work carried out by the companies in the Group that he presides, as well as its thousands of employees, who are continuously updated on the issues.

Engineer Estrella also mentioned the region-wide beneficiary system promoted by the company, with a view to enabling many small, medium and large companies to supply large volumes of biomass to the Panam plant in the near future.

He also mentioned to the social development project that the company started implementing before the plant was built, through which they have gradually been transforming Villa Gautier and the surrounding communities.

Cemento Panam’s investment includes channeling rainwater, which used to flood the whole region during the rainy season, street paving, and repair of the domestic water supply system, as well as the construction of a police station donated to the National Police, a community funeral parlor, sports installations and permanent programs for supporting education and health for the local residents.

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