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Fundación ESTRELLA donates school supplies to 3,000 students

The donations are made as part of Grupo Estrella’s social responsibility ethos in support of schools that are sponsored by the NGO, benefiting schoolchildren from the communities in the areas surrounding its installations as well as the children of the companies’ employees.

August 29th, 2016. Santiago, Dominican Republic. – The Fundación ESTRELLA (Foundation) completed its program of donations of school supplies in the country’s northern region with an event that brought together students and teaching staff from the Olimpia Acevedo Primary School, and representatives of the Ministry of Education (MINERD).

The event held with members of the Olimpia Acevedo Primary School in La Vega was dominated by words of encouragement to the students make the most of the 2016-2017 school year and the community’s expressions of gratitude toward the not-for-profit organization, which was also the case during the previous events held at the Activo 20-30 school in Monte Cristi, Grupo Estrella’s central offices and the Dominican-American Cultural Center in Santiago.

With an investment of RD$2.4 million this year, the Fundación ESTRELLA is supporting three thousand (3,000) students who attend the schools that are sponsored as part of an agreement with the MINERD in the areas surrounding Grupo ESTRELLA’s centers of operations, as well as children of its own employees.

“Dear children, the future of our society belongs to you. The start of a new school year represents a new path for following your dreams,” stated the Foundation president Loly Taváres de Estrella, while addressing students from the Olimpia Acevedo School.

A tradition dating back 12 years

In 2011, the not-for-profit organization took on Grupo ESTRELLA’s tradition of providing school supplies to the children of its employees as well as to the student population in the areas where the companies work.

“You can’t imagine the weight they take off our - the parents - shoulders,” said Jenny Acevedo, who expressed thanks on behalf of the parents of the students at the Olimpia Acevedo School.

Acevedo also conveyed her blessings to the members of the NGO and of Grupo ESTRELLA by saying: “These companies have been a great blessing for our community.”

More than 55,000 school items have been donated, including exercise books, coloring pencils, lunchboxes, backpacks, calculators, modeling clay, crayons, rulers, sharpeners and scissors, along with other educational equipment for use during this school year, which started recently.

Influence in three parts of the country

“ESTRELLA has been donating these supplies for the past twelve years because we believe in education, and by doing this, we are helping these children to fulfill their dreams,” declared Loly de Estrella, while addressing members of Acero ESTRELLA and their children who attended the event in Santiago on August 17th, marking the formal opening of the donations tour of several parts of the country.

As well as the Acero ESTRELLA employees in Santiago, school supplies were also donated to the children of Cemento PANAM employees in the province of San Pedro de Macorís and students in nearby communities who attend school in Villa Gautier, Los Cocos and La Paloma, among others.

The donations also reached students in San Francisco de Macorís, Monte Cristi, Haina, Bávaro and Santo Domingo, areas where the ESTRELLA Group has centers of operation, and representatives of Ingeniería Estrella, Laminados Estrella, Cemento PANAM and ConcreDom.

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