NCDN initiates uprising to destroy and build housing for winner Mother of Valor

Representatives of Grupo ESTRELLA moved the Placeta de Haina

June 5, 2017. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.- NCDN began the uprising to demolish and build the home of Cinthia Indhira Balbuena, the winner of the Mother of Valor promotion.

The architect Luisa Morales, representative of the Star Group, moved to Haina with a team of engineers and architects to start what will represent a radical change in the life of Cinthia and her children.

Cinthia Indhira says that her life has changed and that people in the street recognize her and ask her about the prize. See also:NCDN delivers promotion prize "Mother of Valor, help us to help" For Indhira and her children the most important thing is education.

NCDN plans to build and furnish the house in about six months and in that period the family of Cinthia Indhira will live with relatives.


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