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Grupo ESTRELLA organizes events as part of an awareness-raising campaign for Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer

The events closed with a walk in Villa Gautier, San Pedro de Macorís

October 31st 2016. -Santiago, Dominican Republic.- During the month of October, Grupo ESTRELLA organized a series of events focused on preventing modifiable risk factors and for early detection of breast cancer, aimed at members of the companies and their families, as well as residents of the communities in and around their centers of operation in Santiago and San Pedro de Macorís.

ESTRELLA’s Occupational Health Coordinator Dr. Kenia García explained that these activities were aimed at providing women with the information that will help them recognize the conditions that predispose breast and cervical cancer.

“We are also providing them with the means for getting free treatment in time and encouraging them to carry out regular self-examinations in the correct conditions, because we know that if we detect it early enough we can save lives and free many women of all ages from this horrible monster,” stated García.

The prevention activities started with round-table discussions in both Santiago and San Pedro de Macorís, where specialists discussed the risk factors and the measures for preventing one of the main causes of death among the female population, as part of the talk “Examining yourself means loving yourself.”

A Breast and Cervical Cancer detection campaign for the female residents of Puñal, Ortega, Caimito and other areas around the corporate offices in Santiago was held in the Don Manuel Estrella Escaño Health Center.

During the week of October 24th–28th, the health center, which is one of Grupo ESTRELLA’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, carried out PAP smears, breast examinations, and free referrals for mammogram and sonograms.

At the end of the awareness-raising activities, several community organizations from the areas around the Cemento PANAM plant were accompanied on a march along the central streets of Villa Gautier.

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